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Immigrant Council of Bolzano

Town Council of non- EU immigrant citizens and stateless people resident in Bolzano

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As in the rest of Italy and Europe, immigration is also a phenomenon in our city, that tends more and more to assume a character of permanence. Official figures speak of over 5000 foreign citizens settled here in Bolzano, a percentage that has more than tripled in the last ten years. Family reunions and the presence of children in schools reinforce the visibility and permanence of this foreign presence. While the economic integration of the workforce into the fabric of local production has proceeded in a satisfactory way, non-EC foreigners have never, however, enjoyed any kind of political representation before now.
With the creation of the town council of foreign citizens and stateless people resident in Bolzano, the local government wanted to make up this deficit within the limits of the existing legislation, which does not give the right to vote to citizens of a country that is not a member of the European Union.

  • The Council is therefore an advisory body established to give an official form of representation to foreign citizens resident in the commune of Bolzano and in possession of a regular residence document. 
  • The Council wants to be a body able to promote the democratic participation of non-EU immigrant citizens and stateless people and to represent them in meetings of the municipal administration.
  • The Council wants to create a dialogue, in a recognised and constructive form, a bridge between the needs and expectations of foreign citizens and the needs and expectations of citizens in general and, therefore, to be a point of reference and a recognised and stable interlocutor with the local authority.

Composition of the Council
For every 300 citizens of countries not belonging to the European Union, residents (including minors) will have a member on the Council. Today the population of non- EU and stateless people resident in the city equals 4613, therefore the Council will be composed of 16 members. According to the regulations, the Council will have to have members of both genders and they must come from all the geographical areas represented in Bolzano.

The role and functions of the council
Once installed, the Council will have a wide range of functions and its own programme that it will define based on the provisions of the regulations. The President, elected by the members of the Council, will be able to ask to participate, with the right to speak, at sittings of the advisory commissions of the Commune and at the town council itself. In the meetings the President will speak in the name of the Council, making him or herself the spokesperson for problems that concern fellow foreign citizens and looking for constructive solutions with the collaboration of the local institutions. In fact, the Council will occupy itself with the same problems that concern all the citizens of Bolzano, such as employment, health, housing, schools, public transport, the urban environment, that are not only "reserved" to Italian citizens, but which obviously concern all those living in the city. In addition to requesting the intervention of the bodies that govern the city, the Council will be able, in the first person, to promote initiatives and projects aimed at facilitating the integration of foreign citizens, and to indicate, anticipate and remove every form of discrimination that they find.
Given that one of the major problems that immigrants have to face regards the lack of information on the opportunities (training, employment, housing etc.) that the city offers, the Council will be able to promote initiatives, in this way increasing the awareness and use of local public services by the new citizens.
The migratory phenomenon, after all, concerns not only the immigrants as such, but also the society that receives them: The authority and duties of the Council, in fact, also includes the spreading of information on the world of immigration direct to all the inhabitants of the city. The Council, therefore, will also be an instrument to integrate the world of immigration into the life of the city: in this way it will also be able to launch initiatives that make known and appreciated the cultures of the 94 different nationalities that live in the city, presenting their history, their traditions and their values, with a view to active integration and constant exchange with the world of the citizen.

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