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Authenticating signatures on documents for transferring ownership of registered moveable property, boats, and yachts

Article 7 of the Bersani Decree Law (no. 223 of 04/07/2006, "Urgent measures regarding the transfer of ownership of registered moveable property", converted into Law no. 248 of 04/08/06) assigns the authority for authenticating the seller's signature on deeds and declarations regarding the sale of automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, and tractors (all registered moveable property) to the following institutions:

  • Town halls (signature authentication only)
  • operators of Computerised Help Desks for Motorists (signature authentication and transfer of ownership)
    • the Public Registry of Motor Vehicles (P.R.A.)
    • the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (Ufficio Motorizzazione)
    • the Italian Automobile Club (A.C.I.)
    • authorised motorist service companies or consultants.

This service is provided for the City of Bolzano at:

  • Registry Service - Servizio Anagrafe
    Via Vintler 16 - ground floor, room 001
    Tel.: 0471 997164;
    operating 8:30 - 10:30 am
  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 1 pm
  • Civic Centres
  • Public Relations Office (URP)
    (foyer of City Hall, Vicolo Gumer)

Signatures are only authenticated for vehicles having the hard copy of their ownership certificate (known as CDP). Matters of inheritance and digital ownership certificates are not considered.

The deed of sale must be written on the back of the ownership certificate in the box labelled "T", and signed only by the seller. The form must be filled in by the citizen; the city official only handles the authentication. For older vehicles, for which this form is not available, the signature is authenticated on the deed of sale prepared by the seller, which will be stapled to the vehicle registration certificate; in this case, too, the municipal office only handles authentication.

To complete the paperwork (transcription and payment of relative taxes), the deed must be subsequently brought to the Public Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, a branch of the Automobile Club, or a motorist service company or consultant.
These offices and consultant firms may authenticate signatures and therefore complete all paperwork for transferring ownership.

Required documentation:

  • hard copy of certificate of ownership (CDP)
  • a valid identity document for the declarant
  • a photocopy of the declarant's valid identity document
  • the purchaser's tax code number
  • in the case of proxies, guardians, or legal representatives of a company or partnership, the document authorizing his/her signature must also be presented (power of attorney, registration with the Chamber of Commerce)


  • Stamp duty of EUR 16.00
  • Administration fees of EUR 0.52


Boats, including any motors installed on board, are non-registered moveable property. Therefore, when a boat is transferred from one individual to another, no deed is required to certify that the transfer has taken place, as the rule "possession is valid as title" applies, except, naturally, when any precautions of a commercial nature deemed appropriate have been adopted. The documents relating to the boat must be provided to the new owner. In the case of crafts with CE markings, the purchaser must also be provided with the owner's manual.
When transferring the ownership of yachts, which are registered moveable property, the relative title must be presented to the office where the craft was registered within sixty days of the date on the deed.
Failure to present the deed for transcription by the established time limit will result in an administrative fine from EUR 307.00 to EUR 1,033.00 and revocation of the boating license.
The registration office will transcribe the transfer of ownership into the registry and note it on the boating license. In the meantime, the craft may continue to navigate between national ports with the receipt obtained from presenting the documentation for transfer of ownership.
For a change in ownership, a notarised deed is no longer necessary: Article 7 of Law Decree no. 223 of 4 July 2006 has simplified the procedure for transferring ownership of registered moveable property and trailers (automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, yachts...), enabling municipal offices to authenticate deeds and declarations regarding the transfer of ownership or any possible liens on the property.
It is important to remember that the Municipality may authenticate documents regarding the transfer of ownership and certify the identity of the seller and the documentation presented, but cannot attest to the actual ownership of the property, nor register the transfer of ownership that has taken place. This means that once the authentication has been carried out, the change in ownership of the yacht must be registered at a branch of the Revenue Agency and transcribed into the RID (Italian Register of Yachts) at the Harbour Master's Office.

Useful contact information:


Official in charge

Demographic Services Office - Ufficio Servizi Demografici:
Ms. Manuela Buonfrate
Section 1. General Affairs and Personnel - Affari Generali  e Personale

Official in charge

Civic Centres and Citizens' Help Desk - Sportello del Cittadino:
Ms. Manuela Angeli
Section 2. Organisation and Planning - Organizzazione e Programmazione

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