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Transferring residence abroad

Italian and non-Italian citizens

Italian citizens who wish to transfer their residence abroad for a period of over twelve months may inform the Consulate of their relocation directly, or they can make the declaration before they leave the country at the Italian Town Hall where they reside using the specially provided form (see Attachment 2).
In such a case, citizens are still required to go to the relevant Consulate within ninety days of arriving abroad so as to declare their expatriation.
The Consulate will send the ministerial form for requesting enrolment in AIRE (the register of Italians residing abroad) to the applicant's Town Hall of origin.
In such a case, the applicant's removal from the resident population register (APR) and enrolment in AIRE take effect from the date on which he/she declared his/her expatriation to the Town Hall, and they will be carried out within two days of receiving the consular form.

If the Town Hall does not receive the request for enrolment in AIRE from the Consulate within a year, the procedure for removing the applicant will begin due to unknown whereabouts.
If, however, the request for enrolment in AIRE is presented directly to the Consulate, as permitted by the regulations in force, the applicant will automatically be removed from the resident population register. The Town Hall will remove the applicant from the APR and enrol him/her in AIRE within two days of receiving the consular form (Cons01), effective from the date on which the form is received.

Applicants who are not Italian citizens need only present or send the form (see Attachment 2) to be removed from the register at their municipality of residence due to emigration abroad.

How to declare a transfer of residence abroad
Starting on 9 May 2012, the completed and signed form (Attachment 2) can be:
- presented to the registry office of the municipality where the applicant resides
- sent by registered post, fax, or email.

To presentation a declaration to the registry office:
Demographic Services - Ufficio Servizi Demografici
 Via Vintler, 16 - first floor, room 11

Please note: If the declaration is delivered directly to the registry desk, the relative original documentation to be submitted must also be provided in duplicate so that it may be filed among the official records.

To send a declaration by registered post:
Comune di Bolzano - Ufficio Servizi Demografici
 Via Vintler, 16 - 39100 Bolzano

To send a declaration by fax:
0471 997160

To send a declaration by email:
use of email is permitted under one of the following conditions:
a) that the declaration has been signed using a digital signature;
b) that the sender has been identified by the computer system by means of an electronic identity card, public services card, or other instruments enabling the declarant to be identified (this option is not currently permitted);
c) that the declaration has been sent from the declarant's certified email address;
d) that the copy of the declaration bearing the person's original signature and copy of his/her identity document have been scanned and sent by ordinary email.

Please use these email addresses:

For more information:
Tel.: 0471 997128, operating 8:30 - 10:30 am

Regulatory references:
Law no. 1228 of 24/12/1954 - D.P.R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) no. 223 of 30/05/1989 - Law no. 35 of  04/04/2012

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