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Authenticating signatures

Signatures on applications filed with the Public Administration or public service providers (such as SEAB energy and environmental services; the energy provider Alperia; the Postal Service, Railways, etc.) do not need to be authenticated if:

  • signed in the presence of the employee responsible for receiving the application
  • presented with a photocopy of the signee's identity document.

Furthermore, the Public Administration is prohibited from requiring the authentication of signatures for requests to participate in:

  • employee selections (for any reason)
  • exams to obtain qualifications, diplomas, or higher degrees
  • public competitions.

Authentication of signatures is required or can be requested in the following cases:

  • documentation to be presented to private individuals
  • proxies for the collection of sums owed by a Public Administration or public service provider (for example, after a death, in the case of heirs withdrawing accruals not yet collected on a public pension).

When requested, the authentication may be drawn up by:

  • a notary
  • the registrar
  • the town clerk
  • an employee responsible for receiving documentation
  • an official appointed by the Mayor.

Only notaries may authenticate signatures on contracts between individuals and on deeds of incorporation.

Impediments to signing

The declaration must be signed and returned:

  • by the guardian for legally incapacitated persons
  • by the guardian or person with parental authority for minors
  • by the individual involved, with the assistance of a carer, for disabled persons and for emancipated minors.

For those who cannot or do not know how to sign, the declaration will be collected by the registrar after verifying the declarant's identity.


Required documentation

A valid identification document.


Authentication by the town clerk or by an employee appointed by the Mayor:
- EUR 0.26 without stamp duty
- EUR 16.00 with stamp duty.
Notaries' rates can be consulted here.

Regulatory references

D.P.R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) no. 445 of 28/12/2000 - Consolidated Act on the Legal and Regulatory Provisions regarding Administrative Documentation.

Official in charge

Ms. Manuela Buonfrate

Whom to contact

Demographic Services Office - Ufficio Servizi Demografici
Via Vintler, 16 - first floor, room 10, desk 3


Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 1 pm
Saturday: closed


0471 997128, operating 8:30 - 10:30 am


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