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Authenticating a copy

Authentication involves certifying the copy presented as true and consistent with the original document. Authentic copies may legally be presented as a substitute for originals.

Copies may be authenticated by:

  • the public official who issued the document or with whom it has been filed
  • a notary
  • the registrar
  • the town clerk or other officer appointed by the Mayor.

When the individual involved must present a true copy of a document to a Public Administration or to public service providers, the copy may be authenticated by any employee responsible for receiving documentation by showing him/her the original.

Alternatives to authenticating copies
Article 19 of D.P.R. (Decree of the President of the Republic) no. 445/2000 provides that a declaration in lieu of affidavit may be given (even at the bottom of the copy itself) as regards the conformity of:

  • copies of certificates or documents filed or issued by a Public Administration
  • copies of publications, degrees, or service records
  • copies of tax documents that individuals are required to retain.


Required documentation

  • For authentication:
    the original and the copy of the document
  • If conformity with the original is indicated by means of a declaration in lieu of affidavit:
    the copy of the document and valid proof of identity.


  • Unless exempted from stamp duty by an express legal provision:
    EUR 16.52 (to be paid to the employee appointed by the Mayor).
  • Notaries' rates may be consulted at:

Regulatory references

D.P.R (Decree of the President of the Republic) no. 445 of 28/12/2000 - Consolidated Act on the Legal and Regulatory Provisions regarding Administrative Documentation.

Official in charge

Ms. Manuela Buonfrate

Whom to contact

Demographic Services Office -Ufficio Servizi Demografici

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